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Providing individual therapy, nutrition consultations, & workshops

Program Options

Working together, we can help you find the inner peace and freedom 
you have been seeking. You can stop suffering and start living your dream life
now to feel your best and live the best life possible!

Treatment specializations include:

Anxiety- Through questionnaires and a detailed health history, we will work to find the root of your chronic anxiety. Anxiety is often related to health conditions such as Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, PCOS, Diabetes, gut dysbiosis, etc. in addition to environmental stress and adverse life experiences.
Addiction & Recovery- Core imbalances are addressed to provide a greater sense of control over cravings and lifestyle strategies are emphasized to prevent future relapses.
Stress Management- Manage all the stress life throws our way without allowing it to manage us through specific stress reduction techniques.
Total Detoxification- Detoxification of mind, body, spirit to overcome blocking beliefs and non-beneficial habits that prevent you from feeling and being your best.

Rather than paying for individual sessions weekly or every 2 weeks, at NHT services are provided through programs. With programs, there are many advantages:

  • There is a higher level of commitment to achieving your goal with a greater sense of what to expect when receiving services. 
  • Also, with a set structure in place specific measurable goals are more easily monitored. 
  • The program focuses on building a community for those with similar challenges to inspire and motivate one another.  This takes place through the workshops, the FB page, and through scheduled social outings.  Individual sessions with a private therapist can not provide this benefit. 
  • Programs are actually more affordable/economical than paying by session as you gain a greater variety of services (groups, email check ins, telehealth sessions, and individualized in office consultations) at one reasonable fee.


Habitually Empowered Program- 6 months to a healthier empowered YOU!

How empowered do you feel after you engage in your habit/addiction of choice?  HEP takes you from dealing with your chronic anxiety by being a habitual smoker, eater, drinker etc. to a person who is able to manage all of life's challenges by habitually making choices that empower you. 

The Habitually Empowered Program is a group for women who are fed up with feeling overwhelmed, overweight, and undernourished and long for skills to feel in charge of their choices and their lives.

HEP provides a safe place to learn how to EMPOWER yourself to make sustainable choices that will give you the life of energy, relaxation, and the excitement that you have been dreaming of!

HEP is perfect for a woman who:

…Is wanting to feel in control of her health and her life and no longer want to be reigned by the pull to engage in self-sabotaging behaviors such as habitual emotional/binge eating or drinking.

…Is tired of being ruled by feelings of worry, anxiety and overwhelm and wants specific lifestyle strategies to decrease or even eliminate these feelings.

…Is ready to try something different and is ready to feel like a habitually empowered She-Ro!

What does the Habitually Empowered program include?


(1) 90 minute Intake session 

Includes a thorough review of your complete personal health history and lab analysis if available. Development of goals related to anxiety/addiction are included.

(6) 90 minute Workshops

These classes will cover important relevant topics such as developing a growth mindset, grieving the loss of prior behaviors that no longer serve us, the power of gratitude, building your tool box of coping strategies, what health conditions are related to anxiety, why choose nutrients over benzodiazepines (prescribed anti-anxiety medication),etc. 

In order to maximize opportunity to learn and share, class sizes are limited to 10. 

See below for more details about the workshop modules.

(11) 60 minute Individual Sessions

These sessions are intended to fine tune strategies for achieving goals and to take action .

This may include :

Diet recommendations and diet review to insure you are consuming adequate nutrients to replenish your body

Stress management strategies such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and HeartMath

Recommended essential oils, herbs, and supplements to minimize cravings and to optimize your health and success

Therapeutic Yoga

...and any individualized therapeutic interventions to address specific core imbalances and to repattern limiting beliefs that are contributing to your anxiety/addictions.

(6) Email check ins

This will take place via a HIPPA compliant client portal on the Healthie Platform and will occur in between sessions.  The purpose is for you to ask any questions you may have, to submit any journals or take action projects you would like me to see, and to to discuss prompts I may give you such as “what is working for you in the program, what challenges are you having, what would make this easier for you?, etc.” You can enter as much as you want and as often as you want, but I will respond at set times each week.

Personalized Meal Plans

Meal plans that support your goals to be free of anxiety and addictions will be provided for you and can be customized to your preferences or needs. 

FB Group

Community is such a critical part of any type of recovery.  It is my mission for NHT to be a community of like minded health She-roes with a purpose to live life to its fullest.  The FB page will be a private group only for members of the HEP and can be a place to share ideas on what is working for you, vent your frustrations, or find new people on the same path.  Knowing you are not alone in this journey can accelerate your results dramatically.  The FB page will include various articles and ideas for conversation as well.

HEP How To Manual

Handouts and Take Action Activities to reinforce what is learned in workshops in order to set you up for success well after the program ends.

Social Outings (optional)

Community outings such as fun runs, nature hikes, charity events, etc will be incorporated into the programs.  Participation will be up to each individual, but encouraged as part of your wellness program. 

By investing in HEP, you are empowering yourself with:

  • Improved control of your urges and impulses with a detailed plan on how to manage these
  • Specific tools to manage stress before stress manages you
  • Identifying the root cause of your emotional barriers and utilizing therapeutic modalities to ease this process
  • Developing tiny habits to evolve into life long healthy habits
  • Awareness of how to fight off physical root causes of anxiety and self-sabotaging behaviors by considering inflammation, gut imbalances, food sensitivities, hormonal imbalances, etc.
  • Confidence to make choices that will promote health, prevent disease and ultimately improve every aspect of your life (relationships, employment, fitness level, etc.)

Modules Outline

Each month we will dive deep into topics that will help you gain clarity on how to build a life of health and balance.  Each class will include either yoga, guided imagery, breathing exercises, and/or other types of relaxation exercises.

Month 1- What’s in it for me?  The first month of the program we will zero in on your why with hands on activities such as creating a vision board and pinpointing what you value most.  Without a focus on why you are working so hard in the program, you will be less likely to have long-term success. We will also focus on developing an empowered mindset over a disempowered mindset in this session.  [future template of difference of current life and empowered life]  

Month 2- What does an empowered life look like?”  In the 2nd month we will go in more detail about creating empowered habits with tools to use to manage stress so you will be enabled to make healthier choices consistently.  You will be given a menu of possible self-care options to add to your toolbox. We will also define each person’s idea of living an empowered life.  In addition, we will start identifying tiny habits that you can start incorporating into your daily life in order to achieve your more significant goals.

Month 3 “How do I get rid of this junk!”  The 3rd month is all about REMOVING WHAT NO LONGER SERVES YOU.   This will include a 4-week GENTLE detox along with a mental detox.  You will receive specific meal plans, supplement suggestions, and handouts on the benefits of detoxification to facilitate the process.  The mental detox will include removing thought patterns that prohibit you from being the best you.  Your specific thought patterns will be discussed in your individual sessions.     

Month 4  “Now that I cleaned out the old, what’s next?” - Out with the old, in with the new. Now that you have cleansed out what is no longer serving you, in the 4th month we will look at what nutrients and self-care you may need to replenish your system.  This could include specific enzymes, probiotics, or additional nutrients to begin restoring your system from depleted nutrients.  We will also spend time going over the various diets and consider what eating plan is most suitable for you.

Month 5 "Why does nothing seem to help?”  In the 5th month we will move into potential barriers to your success.  This could include gut imbalances, inflammation, HPA axis dysregulation, glucose imbalances, hormone imbalances, etc.  In addition, social barriers will be considered such as toxic work environments and/ or relationships, lack of “play” time, etc.  We will also consider steps to improve these problematic areas.      

Month 6  “Am I ready?”  --YOU IN CHARGE-  Month 6 is all about making empowered choices a lifestyle.  How to overcome potential obstacles and live a balanced life that leaves you feeling empowered and excited about all that life has to offer.


The main objective of the Habitually Empowered Program is to create a life of personal power, balance, and overall wellness that will eliminate the need to turn to unhealthy/addictive behaviors.  We will work together to find the root cause of your addiction issue so you can take action to find resolution.  

At the completion of the program, you will have tools to feel more empowered to live a life of balance and connection free of shame, guilt, and chaos . Participating in the program will not only improve your health, you will see a domino effect in other areas of your life such as with your relationships and your overall satisfaction with life.  The program takes place over the course of 6 months.   

Infinite Transformation Membership Program


This program is for those who have completed the 6 month program and want to continue with their progress.  This program will allow you to have accountability and support to prevent you from derailing from all of your hard work.

What does the program include?

(1) 60 minute follow up session a month

(1) email check in a month

Ala Carte Options

  • 30 minute telehealth session via HIPPA compliant Healthie Client Portal or LIVE in office-  This option of for those who might be experiencing some type of crisis or may need additional support beyond what the program offers.  This option is also available for this who may want to "test the waters" at NHT to determine if NHT is a good fit for your needs—
  • 60 minute telehealth session via HIPPA compliant Healthie Client Portal or LIVE in office-Same as above, but longer session.—
  • Lab Work- Lab test can be ordered to assess for potential nutrient deficiencies that may be contributing to your challenges.—  
  • Supplements- Additional nutrient support in the form of supplements will often be recommended to correct any core imbalances.  To insure the best results, quality of supplements is imperative.  Thus, I recommend specific brands/companies that I am confident utilize extensive research and quality assurance measures.  Supplements can be ordered via my online store through Fullscript, an online professional quality supplement dispensary.

Maybe you want something a little different than the program options above.  CONTACT ME and we can customize an option that best suits you. 

I look forward to being part of your journey to your wellness.

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